#KiniNews: Chaos in Malacca state assembly as PN installs own speaker

The controversial Malacca state assembly sitting today saw some contemptible behaviour from its members with one hurling the standing order book while another two exchanging insults.

It started at the very early beginning of the sitting at about 9.30am when former chief minister Idris Haron (Sungai Udang-Umno) got into a shouting match with the speaker of the House, Omar Jaafar, which also saw several other Pakatan Harapan representatives joining in.

At the background, two others – Norhizam Hassan Baktee (Pengkalan Batu-Independent) and Low Chee Leong (Kota Laksamana-DAP) – had another battle of their own, exchanging barrages of swear words and almost got physical.

In the first incident, Idris stood up when the assembly was about to start, stopping Omar short from initiating prayer recitation to mark the commencement of the sitting.

Holding a handbook in one hand, Idris told Omar that the latter no longer fit to be on the speaker’s seat.

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