Sex video: It stinks to the high heaven, says Khairy

Lamenting “dirty” politics, Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin has called on Malaysians to “look away”, following the circulation of a sex video clip involving a man said to resemble a sitting minister.

“Politics is a tough profession. Some days it’s dirty. Some days it’s downright filthy. Today it stinks to the high heaven.

“Seriously, we are already a nation traumatised by slanders of the past. Do we really want to expose another generation to despicable allegations with the sole intent of destroying someone’s character?

“If you come across sordid news today involving our politics, look away. Vile filth thrives when it’s given attention,” he posted in an Instagram Story, which is only available for 24 hours.

Although he does not explicitly state so, the former minister’s post comes following the circulation of several video clips targetting a Pakatan Harapan minister, in bed with another man.

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